Welcome Screens

Digitally enhance the reception experience
Grab attention with rich and meaningful content

Digital infoboard

Multimedia-rich digital screen surfaces in the place of traditional info boards. Incorporate valid information and guidance for the rest of the day or week, along with video-rich proposals

Digital Menus & Catalogues

A dynamic well-presented menu or catalogue that is centrally configurable. Located in high visibility areas, or available on guests’ smart devices

Promo infoChannels

Your private TV channels available in all TV sets. Promote services and increase customer spending.

Audio & Music Channels

Centrally schedule quality announcements and music experiences at the lobby, the dining areas or the wellbeing compartments.

Stay relevant to the guest experience

Inform, Guide, Promote & Inspire

Keep control, manage centrally

Operate remotely, plan & schedule in advance

Align to the location’s architecture

Any size, any orientation, any shape for indoors or outdoors

Differentiate content per moment & location

Allocate & activate on schedule, change messages on the fly

Event Zone


Portable LED Video Walls

Portable LED video walls of high brightness, available in multiple sizes and shapes. Easy to assemble by one or two people and move between halls and buildings within minutes. Can be packed in flight cases to store aside for the next event.

Interactive Presentation Boards

Bright screens with excellent response and viewing experience. No shadows, unlike interactive whiteboards and projector solutions

Live feeds to screens and smart devices

Any event can be broadcasted to the participants’ smart devices or selected screens.
The Live Streaming experience is optimised for the fixed or wireless networks in place

Meeting Room Booking System

Efficiently manage the meeting and conference rooms, via your own calendar system! Illuminated Digital Signs located at the entrance, sync with your calendar and provide feedback on room use and availability.

Kids Zone

iplay Gaming Table

A world of fun at your fingertips! A wide range of entertaining and engaging interactive games. Keep children happy and entertained.

Kids Wall

A safe Interactive play system for your youngest visitors. The challenging games are suitable for children from 4 to 12 years and contain no violence. Extremely strong and durable – no maintenance required!

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