gaming table

Giant MultiTouch Gaming Table for a WoW experience at the Lobby, Digital Corners and Waiting Areas

Superior Gaming experience

Next Level Gaming featuring:
  • 30 exciting & violent-free multiplayer games
  • A Large Bright Screen
  • Up to 12 Simultaneous Fingers/Players
  • Palm Rejection & Accurate Touch Response
  • Integrated Speakers to enjoy game sounds

Plug n Play

It doesn’t get any easier…
Just plug it in and start playing!
No Technical Expertise Required
Works 100% Unattended

Safe & Protected surface

Unbeatable Screen Protection

Ball-drop tested, 3-4mm glass
Scratch Resistant Panel
Unified End-to-End surface

Secure & Robust technology design

 PCAP technology resistant to dust & spills environments
24/7 operation capable
Round Corners on surface for kids’ protection
Elevated Table Structure to protect gamers’ toes

Custom Colors

Fully customization options to draw crowds to experience your brand.

Create emotional connections between users and your corporate identity.


Split Screen Mode

Up to four different games can be experienced independently from each other!

Download the Game List Brochure

2 Models to choose


43” screen size

Width: 135 cm
Length: 77 cm
Height: 42 cm


49” screen size

Width: 152 cm
Length: 87 cm
Height: 42 cm

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