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Digital Menu Boards for Cafes Restaurants Hotels

Visually connect with customers through eye-catching Dynamic Digital Menu Boards.

Dynamic Menu Walls

More than a simple video or menu photo
Synched media with price catalogues, targeted and seasonal promos
Change specific products on the fly, on update pricing in all locations with a click

Digital Menu Tablets

Innovate your services with a digital menu and product experience
Standalone or centrally updated all-in-One screens powered by Windows® or Android® OS

Use your pdf catalogue

Use your website or custom made app

Portrait Menu Screens

Promote a brand new menu item for a potential unplanned purchase
Feature specific menu items to tempt customers into additional purchases
Advertise special offers while customers wait in line

Welcome Screen

Menu of the day and plate visuals to ease ordering and promote selections

Window Screen

Grab the attention, build awareness, and highlight key offers to those walking by your store day and night with Ultra High Brightness Screens of the appropriate luminosity and with special animated content of Panel TV

Touch Screen

Utilize professional touchscreens for matching catalogue with menu pictures and build an immersive ordering experience.

Table Ordering

On a tablet or on a touch table, an interactive experience can educate on materials used, or train the newcomer.

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