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Interactive Room TV

Upgrade the in-room guest experience

Interactive TV solutions offer a flexible and personalized experience delivering enhanced video infotainment.
With hundreds of thousands of end-points successfully deployed we understand the needs of each of the industries we work in, developing features and solutions that solve video communication and distribution challenges for everyone.

A personal and modern TV experience for every guest

Property management system (PMS) integration

Smart TV, STB, and Media Player support

Access to live TV and electronic program guide (EPG)

Access to personal streaming via Chromecast or hotel Smart TV

Personalized, custom experiences for every property

Contactless control through our Virtual Remote Control

Combine Interactive TV with Casting of guests’ content like at home.

Casting technology enhances the guest experience offering a personalized home-away-from-home experience, allowing guests to enjoy their content on the in-room TV in full-screen.

  • Support for 1000’s of Chromecast enabled apps
  • Option to deliver to Smart TV and/or Set Top Box
  • Power over USB
  • Device disconnection alerts
  • Simple access from Interactive Portal page

With our Interactive Hotel TV solution you can:

  • Combine multiple TV and content sources into one single platform
  • Create premium content packages for guests to purchase
  • Promote local services and facilities
  • Enable guests to order services and refreshments through their TV
  • Alleviate strain from your team by delivering vital guest services in-room via TV

*Always check with one of our specialists for the latest supported models and brands of smart TV, media player and STB.

Why our cloud Hotel TV platform?

  • No server hardware costs or maintenance
  • Real-time back-up and redundancy with 99.95% uptime
  • SaaS model, pay per screen per month
  • Open APIs for dynamic 3rd party integrations
  • Multiday EPG via cloud available
  • Support for Samsung, LG and Philips Hospitality TVs

Try it now with our interactive demos!

This demo features the actual Interactive Hotel TV system, adapted to run in your browser.
Choose which theme you’d like to explore first, then use the remote control to experience the future of IPTV.

Theme examples

Essential Theme

Essentials, flow TV and Stream/Cast presented in a branded package. Simple and to the point. Perfect as a quick brand extension Complete Theme

Complete Theme

Enjoy a complete theme showcasing advanced features such as in-room ordering alongside the essentials such as TV, streaming and casting.

Tiles Theme

A very visual menu giving you the opportunity to display a mature brand and multiple layers of information. Great for larger installations.



Marriott properties around the world, have a dedicated custom design base.


The different Radisson brands all share one thing, an IPTV look & feel served by us.


We built a unique template to serve all Hilton properties worldwide.

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