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Digital InfoBoard

Multi-zone digital boards
(inform – promote – schedule – interact)

Valid information and guidance for the rest of the day or week, along with video-rich proposals.

No Prints

No more need for prints!
Just post it on the screen

Different look​

Change canvas design based on visitor interest, time of the day, placement

Real time changes

Update and post information on the fly, schedule in advance


Combine hourly and daily posts with up-sale campaigns.
Upload useful information on events

The Panel TV Digital InfoΒoard is a multi-functional system that can combine touch or non-touch applications for simple or multi-zone experiences, and for indoor or outdoor use.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Fixed or Mobile?

Ask for a trolley and move it wherever you need!
Order it in a cabin and put it outdoors!

Custom Canvas Design

Panel TV media experts can help you set up smart canvas for your project. This is more a communication design task : thinking priorities, major messaging and practical information.

Content variety

Almost any type of digital content! Drag and drop any media type (video, image, text, RSS, interactive experiences, etc) If needed, Panel TV Creative Team can support you and prepare a video or an animated teaser for your next week event!

Content Automation with Validity

Assign roles within your organization and let your professionals manage & update specific parts of the screen canvas, or whole screen media in selected locations. Media changes can happen on the fly from your browser or set up as future campaigns for auto-activation & de-activation at specific days, times, events.

Only the relevant, fresh and valid content stays on your Panel TV InfoBoards.


Remotely upload, update and schedule the content of each screen.

Message control and scheduling via central monitoring.

Increase advertising revenue by hosting promotional activities of partner companies.

Supported operation without internet connection.

Choose from a large number of layouts and installations to suit every situation.

Follow the architectural design, customer flow, as well as the services and events held.

Display emergency notifications on all displays at the touch of a button.

Dynamically browse floor plans, meeting room schedules and events.

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